Does anyone else reply to a text mentally but not physically then forgets to actually reply all together or is that just me

fakeliampayne: Style from Julian Bunetta the original captain


so I’ve been watching Married at First Sight, because I have no shame left, and now I really want a lilo au based on it where liam and louis both decide to give it a shot for different reasons — louis because his job, his weekend footie coaching and helping his mum raise his sisters has left him no time to meet anyone but he really wants a family of his own, liam because he’s a year out of his last devastating breakup and after being burned so many times he’s almost given up altogether, but his best friends harry and niall convince him to give it one more go (obvs they sign up with him), and when they first meet at the altar they’re both giddy bc holy shit, louis had no idea his husband would be built like a god with the smile of a teddy bear holding a birthday cake, and liam couldn’t have dreamed up a man as beautiful as louis. they dance all night and exchange shy kisses (and then less shy and progressively hotter kisses as the champagne flows) and yeah, maybe the moment gets to them because they end up falling half drunk in bed together, which is kind of awkward but also pretty hot.

and then they go on their honeymoon, and the funny, kind of quiet guy liam met becomes louis when he’s comfortable, and the wine-relaxed gentlemanly guy louis met becomes awkward and serious about PLANNING OUT THEIR WHOLE VACATION, and by the end of the third day they’ve known each other they’re barely speaking and they don’t know what the hell the experts were thinking matching them up, and this is the biggest mistake they’ve ever made and somehow they have to make it through the next six months without killing each other.

@RuthPayne0990: Someones spidy sense is on full today ….


time flies




After I saw him in The Cripple of Inishmaan, I anxiously waited to meet Daniel Radcliffe at the stage door so I could get this card signed. Because I was toward the back of the crowd, I didn’t think Daniel would even notice the card, but I was very wrong. As soon as he caught sight of the card, Daniel started laughing. He then took the card and explained how he had wanted to sign one of the cards ever since he had found out about it and signed it with my Sharpie. Then he THANKED me for bringing it and took my phone and took a selfie with me. Needless to say, I was very happy.

neon jungle performing ‘trouble’ for idolator ( x )