Twitcam 8/30 Highlights: Taking Liam’s clothes off

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Niall and Liam waving to each other during WMYB ლ(╹◡╹ლ) 


Is it a horse? Is it a duck? Idk, but Niall is cute (/・ω・)/

Danielle Brooks & Samira Wiley on Celebrity Girl Crushes

Anonymous inquired: you should draw niall with bunnies!! it would be funny bc of that article where he was asked to put his pet peeve and he said rabbits bc they are "pointless, do nothing." maybe he has a change of heart once he's got a lapful of fluffy lil buns who just wanna snuggle him :)


this is exactly what i had in mind for niall except


he is not so easily swayed

Anonymous inquired: not that i don't love the lilo play fighting, but sometimes i just need louis to accept affection without the rough housing immediately after. but thats part of lilo charm so idk what im blabbering about.


HE DOES, SOMETIMES. I know it’s like super rare but there are some somewhat recent examples



even more recently he’s demonstrated that he knows how to be sweet himself sometimes too

image  image image



Jade performing at Hyde Park Festival (Jul. 13th)

Anonymous inquired: that picture of harry and his mum is so sweet! i wonder what they were talking about


idk my heart and brain and all functional organs tell me it’s something to do w this


"you and niall looked cosy." 

"just catching up with my future son-in-law."



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